SurveilStar Email Recording is an easy-to-use free email spy monitor for tracking emails, websites, MSN chats, and ftp files. Read more...

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Version : SurveilStar Email Recording 1.03

Size : 2,851 KB

Interface Languages: English

Platform : Windows XP/Vista/7

Not available for Mac.

  • Platform: WinWindows XP, Vista, 7
  • File Size: 2,851 KB
  • Version: 1.06
  • Price: Totally FREE!
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SurveilStar Email Recording – The Best Free Email & Webmail Monitoring software

SurveilStar Email Recording is a powerful, discrete email monitoring application which will record and store ALL web-based e-mail messages - as well as POP3 and SMTP e-mail! SurveilStar Email Recording allows you monitor web based e-mail from services such as Hotmail, Yahoo!Mail, Gmail, and many more!

Besides monitoring emails, SurveilStar Email Recording also have many extra features like monitoring MSN chats, tracking visited website, blocking network connection, filtering webpage, recording downloaded and uploaded files. So, if you need more than just spying emails, this software will be perfect for you.

Installing this free email recording software is easy. Once the capture engine is started, each sent and received emails will be automatically recorded. To review the email, simply launch SurveilStar Activity View.

An Overview of How SurveilStar Email Recording Works

SurveilStar Email Recording Overview

Install SurveilStar Email Recording onto the computer you wish to monitor and/or control.

SurveilStar Email Recording invisibly records all POP3/SMTP emails and HTTP webmails.

Launch SurveilStar Activity Viewer on the monitored computer to review all recorded data.

With SurveilStar Email Recording, you can:

• Monitor, record and capture web-based emails, POP3-based emails, and SMTP-based emails

• Detect sensitive web pages, files, emails transferred on Internet and instant messages sent and received through MSN

• Keep track of employee e-mail and internet activities

• Keep track of child and spouse e-mail and internet activities

• Back-up or archive data as .eml file

System Requirements of SurveilStar Email Recording:

-- Operating System

• Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7, 32bit & 64bit

-- Minimum system

• Pentium III / Athlon 500MHz or above, 512 MB RAM or above, 10MB available hard disk space

-- Recommended

• Pentium 500, 512MB, 10 GB available hard disk space


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