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SurveilStar Email Recording

Secretly monitor and control the incoming and outgoing emails, MSN chats, IM's, visited websites, FTP files, and more of your employees, children, and spouse today!

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How to Block POP3/SMTP Mail and HTTP Webmail with SurveilStar Email Recording?

Do you want to block spam and other unwanted emails? Do you know how to block emails from specific senders in Outlook Express, Yahoo!Mail, Hotmail, and other webmails? Do you want to block your company's outgoing emails? SurveilStar Email Recording is your fastest and easiest solution to control incoming and outgoing emails. It helps to prevent email viruses from invading your computer by email and protect attachments.

Besides blocking POP3/SMTP Mail and HTTP Webmail, SurveilStar Email Recording also gives you the ability to restrict inappropriate surfing and enforce Internet usage policies in your organisation or at home. SurveilStar can completely block internet, allow access only to Web sites you specify,deny web access to the websites you specify, and schedule internet ON at only certain times of day. E-mail, FTP sites, Instant Messaging, MSN chats, etc. can also be restricted.


To block Internet connection, choose the specified computer in the computer list. If the specified computer does not exist in the list, type the IP address and click the Add button to add the computer. To block other computers that do not exist in the list, click “(Others)” in the computer list.

block menu

Block Internet TCP Connections: Choose the protocols to block in the “Block Internet Connections” frame to prevent user from sending and receiving email, browsing web site, uploading and downloading files.

Block Outgoing TCP Data: User can define the maximum data size of outgoing data. If data size of outgoing data is larger than the maximum data size, the selected protocols in the “Block outgoing data”frame will be blocked.

If the computers in local area network connect to the Internet through proxy servers, you must specify IP addresses of the proxy servers in order to block the selected connections effectively. If you are using more than one proxy servers, you can separate IP address of each proxy server by comma.

Advanced Blocking Rules: Click the Advanced button in the “Network Connection Blocking Rules” window to define advanced blocking rules including web sites setting, ports setting and UDP setting for sending files.

websites block

port block

udp send file block

block remark

add rule: Add a new blocking rule.

delete rule: Delete the selected rule.

move up: Move the selected rule upward to increase the priority of the selected rule. If the rule locates in a higher position of the list, the selected rule has a higher priority and SurveilStar Email Recording will compare the rule earlier.

move down: Move the selected rule downward to decrease the priority SurveilStar Email Recording compares the selected rule. If the rule locates in a lower position of the list, the selected rule has a lower priority and SurveilStar Email Recording will compare the rule later.

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Key Features of SurveilStar Email Recording:

* Record HTTP web mails and unencrypted POP3, IMAP, SMTP emails sent or receivedDownload SurveilStar Email Recording Freeware.

* Control sent and received email correspondence.

* Conveniently search your desired emails by subject, date, sender, recepient, etc.

* Block POP3, SMTP, IMAP to disable email clients and block HTTP web emails.

* Set password for email viewer and only the authorized users can view the recorded emails.

* Generate detailed email traffic reports based on the email type, email address, number and size.

* Record MSN chats, visited websites with title and record file transfer including upload and download.

* Filter unwanted websites by file size, host name or IP address.


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