SurveilStar Email Recording is an outstanding PC and Internet activity monitoring software solution designed for parents, spouse and employers to monitor individual PCs. Read more...

SurveilStar Email Recording

Secretly monitor and control the incoming and outgoing emails, MSN chats, IM's, visited websites, FTP files, and more of your employees, children, and spouse today!

SurveilStar Home Edition SurveilStar Enterprise Edition
  • Platform: SurveilStar Email Recording for WindowsWindows XP, Vista, 7
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  • Version: 1.06
  • Price: Totally FREE!
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How to Start Working with SurveilStar Email Recording?

SurveilStar Email Recording is the best free PC activity monitoring for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7. This activity monitor freeware is undetectable under all Windows versions and can circumvent popular third-party "spy ware" detectors. It is an easy-to-install user-friendly handy monitoring solution that tracks user PC/Internet activities. The program can be used for employee monitoring, parental control, spouse monitoring and other purposes.

SurveilStar Email Recording is consisted of two modules - Capture Engine Manage and Web Viewer. The Capture Engine Manage is designed to collect information from target computers ; The Web Viewer is used by IT manager and supervisor only to monitor and control Internet activities.

1. Start Any@Web Capture Engine

2. Watch Captured Data with SurveilStar Email Recording ViewerDownload Free Monitor Software


1. Start Any@Web Capture Engine

To open SurveilStar Capture Engine Manager in Windows XP/Vista/7, click the Start button and select All Programs -> SurveilStar -> SurveilStar Email Recording -> Capture Engine Manager. The pop up window shows as follows:

start capture engine

(1) Select Adapter

Select an adapter to monitor in Select Adapter list box (Normally select the adapter which is connected to hub or switch)

(2)Start Any@Web Capture Engine

Click the Start Any@Web Capture Engine button to start the Capture Engine. Once the Capture Engine starts successfully, the Start Any@Web Capture Engine button is disabled as shown in the following:

stop capture engine

(3)Stop Any@Web Capture Engine

Press Stop Any@Web Capture Engine button.

2. Watch Captured Data with SurveilStar Email Recording Viewer

To open SurveilStar Email Recording Viewer in Windows XP/Vista/7, click the Start button and select All Programs -> SurveilStar -> SurveilStar Email Recording -> SurveilStar Email Recording Viewer. The pop up main window shows as follows:

surveilstar activity viewer

-Start Capture

If Capture Engine is installed in Windows XP/Vista/7, you can start or stop Capture Engine through SurveilStar Email Recording Viewer as well as Cat pure Engine Manager program.

-Stop Capture

After the capturing Engine is stopped, SurveilStar Email Recording Viewer stops monitoring and capturing data.

-Compact & Repair

When you delete messages in computer folders, SurveilStar Email Recording will mark those messages as “Delete” temporarily in order to avoid spending too much time to physically delete those selected messages. After deleting a certain amount of messages, the deleted messages will occupy some hard disk space. If the index file of SurveilStar Email Recording is corrupted, SurveilStar Email Recording will fail to read any data. To free the hard disk space occupied or fix the corrupted the index file, you can select File->Compact & Repair to physically remove those deleted messages and re-index the index file.

-Backup Local Repository

archive local repository

To back up captured data into an archive file, select File ->Backup Local Repository and specify the filename and directory of the archive file in the following window. Then click the Start button to compress the data and save them to the specified file.

If the size of the backup file is very large, you may select Split to volumns to split the backup file into multiple fixed-size volumns and you can burn those backup files to CD.

If Remove all captured data from local repository after archiving is checked, all captured data will be removed from local repository.

-Restore form Archive

restore achived messages

To restore data from the archive file (*.ama), select File->Restore from Archive and specify filename and directory of the archive file. Then click the Start button and data in the archive file will be decompressed and restored for users to view.


Quit the SurveilStar Email Recording Viewer program.

download free activity monitor



Key Features of SurveilStar Email Recording:

* Record HTTP web mails and unencrypted POP3, IMAP, SMTP emails sent or receivedDownload SurveilStar Email Recording Freeware.

* Control sent and received email correspondence.

* Conveniently search your desired emails by subject, date, sender, recepient, etc.

* Block POP3, SMTP, IMAP to disable email clients and block HTTP web emails.

* Set password for email viewer and only the authorized users can view the recorded emails.

* Generate detailed email traffic reports based on the email type, email address, number and size.

* Record MSN chats, visited websites with title and record file transfer including upload and download.

* Filter unwanted websites by file size, host name or IP address.


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