SurveilStar Email Recording is free email monitoring software which can record webbased & POP3/SMTP email and block incoming and out-going emails.. Read more...

An Overview of How SurveilStar Email Recording Works

SurveilStar Email Recording Overview

Install SurveilStar Email Recording onto the computer you wish to monitor and/or control.

SurveilStar Email Recording invisibly records everything that happens on the monitored computer.

Launch SurveilStar Activity Viewer on the monitored computer to watch all recorded data.

SurveilStar Email Recording is designed for:

1 Parents who are concerned about what their children send by email who they communicate with, and whether adults may be trying to solicit their children online. SurveilStar Email Recording gives parents the ability to monitor sent and received emails and filter unwanted emails and control content displayed.

2 Spouses who are suspecting their spouse is a cheater and want to reveal the truth. SurveilStar Email Recording can quickly help to collect evidences that are needed to prove that your spouse is remaining faithful to you - or cheating on you.

3 Employers who are trying to put a stop to inappropriate using of company name, leakage of trade/industrial secrets or intellectual property. SurveilStar Email Recording can help employers to conduct investigations, stop the theft and leakage of sensitive company information.




Email Recording Interface

  • Platform: Any Video Editor for WindowsWindows XP, Vista, 7
  • File Size: 2,851 KB
  • Version: 1.06
  • Price: Totally FREE!
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Record Web-based Emailrecord web-based emails

SurveilStar Email Recording can capture web-based emails such as Yahoo!Mail, Gmail and Hotmail, both incoming and outgoing. It also allows you to define basic or comprehensive email rules to control over web-based emails. This intelligent software decides for which webmails to block forcefully and send automatic replies or not. This way, you shall send automated emails only to people you actually want to receive automatic emails back from you.

record pop3 emailRecord POP3-based Email

This Free Email Recording allows to monitor incoming emails of POP3-based mail services. Such services store your incoming messages on a server until you are ready to collect them. You download them using an email software package (Eudora, Pegasus Mail or Outlook Express, for instance). Once you have downloaded the messages, they are deleted from the server and stored on your PC. POP3 mail is what most Internet Service Providers offer, so you probably already have at least one POP3 email account.

Record SMTP-based Emailsrecord smtp emails

SurveilStar Email Recording allows to capture SMTP outgoing e-mails. SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, a protocol for sending e-mail messages between servers. Most e-mail systems that send mail over the Internet use SMTP to send messages from one server to another. The messages can then be retrieved with an e-mail client software using either POP3 or IMAP protocols. Most of Internet Service Providers use SMTP mail servers to deliver outgoing e-mails sent via your regular email software packages.

webmailBlock Mail(POP3/SMTP) & HTTP(Webmail)

SurveilStar Email Recording allows to block incoming abusive an unfriendly mails and webmails to specific user or group. Beside, it allows to block outgoing TCP data including SMTP mail, HTTP webmail, FTP files or others when data size is larger than specific size. In this way, you can prevent spam, malicious files, and potential dangerous attachment coming to your mailbox, and prohibit employees from sending out confidential information.

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Produce Detailed Email Traffic Reports

While it protects users from malicious emails, SurveilStar Email Recording enhances the user experience by generating detailed email traffic reports based on the email type, email address, number and size of the incoming and outgoing email, data, etc. The accurate and direct email statistics enable users to take effective control over all inbound and outbound emails.

Password Protected & Data Backuprecord msn chats

SurveilStar Email Recording has reliable security options. It is password protected from the external users only you can login to review the recorded data.

As a free email recording software, SurveilStar Email Recording allows you to archive all messages in local repository into a given archive file. All history archive file with.ama extension. You can also restore history archive file into current repository to browse.

record msn chatsRecord Website Visits, MSN Chats, and FTP

More than a powerful free email spy monitor, SurveilStar Email Recording also gives you more useful features you need to control computer activities. You can record website visit, MSN chats, and uploaded and downloaded files.

If you want to experience this fascinating feature of counting Explorers and other websites, you can dabble by using Email recording, but the complete and the art-of-state performance can better be fulfilled by SurveilStar, you can have a 30-trial for free.

Start to monitor and record sent and received emails Now!

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