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Use SurveilStar Email Recording If you want to record the web pages browsed, files downloaded and uploaded, emails sent and received and instant messages sent and received through MSN by any computer in a local area network



SurveilStar Email Recording is a tool to record and monitor Internet activities in local area network. Specifically, SurveilStar Email Recording automatically collects, saves and manages any web pages viewed, files downloaded, emails sent and received and instant messages sent and received through MSN by any computer in the Local Area Network. It can also resolve the Name of the computers in local area network, and therefore web pages, files and emails recorded can be sorted by the computer name as well as IP address!


SurveilStar Email Recording captures packages in the network and decodes the packages into web pages, files and emails exactly as the original one!


Yes, SurveilStar Email Recording can capture webmail and store webmail as a web page.


Pentium III / Athlon 500MHz or above, 512 MB RAM or above,10 MB available hard disk. This version of SurveilStar Email Recording supports 32bit & 64bit Windows XP/Vista/7.



SurveilStar Email Recording works most powerfully when installed on the gateway, proxy or firewall.


Yes. You can install SurveilStar Email Recording on any computer connected to a HUB, which is connected to the LAN. (Guide)


There are two methods to install SurveilStar Email Recordingon a Switch connected LAN. (Guide)